Environmental Equipment & Solution Global Sourcing

We understand the customer needs and utilize our global network to source the leading and cutting-edge equipment & technologies in the following business sections.

  • Recycling equipments for paper, plastic, metal, glass, e-waste, etc.
  • Renewable energy equipment.
  • Waste management equipment and systems.
  • Bio-energy products & equipment.



  • 回收纸张,塑料,金属,玻璃,电子废物等设备
  • 可再生能源设备
  • 废物管理设备和系统
  • 生物能源产品和设备

Business Consulting & Advisory

We understand the market and customers in the countries we serve with the deep knowledge of legal structure, policies and business rules. Our seasoned consultants have the capabilities to provide the following consulting and advisory services in environmental industry.

  • Country's policies, industries & market studies
  • Marketing & sales strategic planning
  • Partnership identification & business model evaluation & business development plan
  • Product research, development, promotion & pricing
  • Business Process Improvement & financial performance KPI review
  • Business combination, M&A advisory service


我们了解我们所在的国家和地区的市场和客户。 我们富有丰富经验的商业顾问通过对各个国家的法律体制,政策以市场运作规则的深入了解,为我们的客户提供环境行业的相关咨询与顾问服务。

  • 国家的政策,行业和市场研究
  • 营销和销售战略规划
  • 商业合作伙伴识别, 商业模式评估和业务发展计划
  • 产品研究,开发,推广和定价
  • 业务流程改进和财务绩效KPI审核
  • 企业合并,并购咨询服务

International Cooperation & Exchange

We provide the platforms for enterprises and entrepreneurs to network and exchange their thoughts and ideas in the industry across the border boundaries.   We host the delegation of national or professional associations visit, lead the group to participate the trade show, seminars, exhibition, or conference.  The services are included but not limited to the followings:

  • Partnership with professional organizations for hosting the business field study trip abroad
  • Organize the delegation to participate the conference, trade show, exhibition.
  • Provide the communication or translation service.
  • Provide the exchange program logistics.


我们为企业和企业家提供商业交流学习平台,以跨越国界去了解国家和产业最新动向。 我们举行国家或专业协会代表团访问,带领团体参加贸易展览会,研讨会,以及国际学术会议。 我们的服务包括但不局限于如下内容:

  • 与专业组织合作,主办国外商务实地考察
  • 组织代表团参加会议,贸易展,展览
  • 提供通信或翻译服务
  • 提供出访考察出行安排

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