Bioplastiic Furniture

TEXa Bioplastic Chair

TEXa is derived from non-edible agricultural waste which would otherwise be dumpled, burnt or sent the landfill. TEXa Bio-Plastics performs comparable to the conventional PP, PE and HIPS from sustainable and renewable resources. 

What is biobased material?

Organic material of which carbon is derived from renewable resources via biological processes. A biobased product can be partially or fully made from renewable resources. 

What benefits to the customers?

    - Allowing consumers to enjoy life in healthier, environmentally responsible way

    - Allowing consumers to enjoy bio-products without harming the fragile ecosystems of our Earth.

    - Inviting consumers to be part of our CSR efforts.

    - Together fight to save planet and preserve resources. 

What  is TEXa Innovative Technology?

The research studies show that TEXa bio-based material requires 15-40% less fossil energy and emits 10-40% less CO2 compared to the conventional plastic manufacturing. TEXa is patented in USA, Japan, Australia, Singapore and Taiwai. It is in compliance with USDA, ROHS, REACH, ASTM6866, and JETRO.

Product information:

- 25% Agricultural by-products

- 75% Polypropylene

- made in Malaysia

What are the Environmental Benefits?

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