Recycled Plastic Pallets

Recycled PP Plastic Pallets

Recycling plastic pallets is a new way to dispose of plastic waste out of landfill and accumulating the plastic pollution in the world. It is the way that the company can help maintain your commitments to the environment by adopting the circular economic operation model. 

What is advantages of PP Recycled Plastic Pallets than Wood Pallets? 

- made from 100% recycled materials

- is 100% recyclable

- No heat treatment & no fumigation need, thus, reduce the carbon emission

- ISPM 15 compliant

- Green, circular, and environment friendly

- Light weight & cost effective

- Hygienic,easy to clean & wash

- Peace of mind , safe and free from nails & screws

- Nonabsorbent of moisture

- Dimensionally stability & consistency

- Easy maintenance and free from splinters & chipping

What benefits to the customers?

 - To lower the cost of business operation

 - Enhance the social environmental impact

 - Keep the products safe and hygienic during the shipping

Product information:

- made in Malaysia

- can produce in customerized order and design

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