Bine Smart Waste Bin

Bin-e IoT Smart Waste Bin

The best recycling solution for an eco-friendly workplace 

What is Bin-e?

Bin-e is a multifunctional solution that recognizes, sorts,and compresses the waste automatically. It collects data that making waste management convenient and efficient.

What benefits to the customers?

 - Reach your company's green strategy goals while reducing costs and frequency of waste collections

 - Maket your office or building smart and sustainable 

 - Help your empoyees fast and easy sorting of recyclables

 - Help promote eco-friendly attitude and green initiatives

 - Help low office maintenance cost of waste disposal

What  benefits for the environment?

 - Increase the recycling rate of paper, plastic, glass and metal for reuse

 - Optimize waste collection routes and recycling logistics

What  is unique innovation of our materials?

The IoT platform delivers valuable insights into current waste operations and summary reports straight to your phone, including real-time information about the fill level of each bin. Use this data to make waste management more efficient.

Product information:

- made in EU

Download Product Brochure:


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