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CAN International Successfully Implemented IOT based Waste Management Pilot Project in Inner Mogolia


07.2019 \ Case Study

We are celebrating a pilot project implemented successfully in Inner Mogolia in China this week by collaborating the UK based company and local business in China. The pilot project included to implement a smart waste sorting system and a sensor based IOT waste management system to achieve the automatic sorting and filling level notice for collection with Smart phone App for GPS guide of truck drivers. The citizen can participate to drop the waste per type like paper, plastic, hazardous or others into the smart waste collection system then waste will be weighed and calculated for value to reward to participates. The system screen will gererate QR code for participate to scan and receive cash reward in wechat e-wallet for online shopping. The full level sensor is installed for recyable bins like paper and plastics. The central office can monitor online and assign the optimal collection route when the full level is reaching to the level pre-defined. China is going through the national campaign for waste sorting reform and call for citizens to learn on how to sort the waste and recycle properly. The nation aims to achieve 35% recycle rate in 46 cities by 2020.

CAN International Successfully Facilitated Smart Waste Management Solution Pilot Project in Beijing China


06.2019 \ Case Study

Celebrating the successful pilot project for implementing a IOT based Waste Management Solution Platform in Beijing China. We provide the project management consultancy for collaborating the Germany company SSI Schafer and Chinese company Beijing LUBO for partnership together to turning a solution localised to meet the end user needs in Beijing. The project demostrates the best practices to the municipal office how to use the smart technologies like RFID, IoT, Big Data for managing the complex waste situation in metropolitan like Beijing with rising urbanization and wirsen living environment. It is a great sample that we assist european waste management solution into Chinese market for smart City waste management solution. China is undergoing the national campaign on household waste sorting and recycling and aims in achieving the mandatory waste recycling in 46 mega cities with million population by 2020.

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